Live like a wolf

这篇文章由 在 星期二, 2 3月, 2010 发表。

Wolves live in groups with seven ones in a group, and each of them shoulders part of responsibility for the flourishing and development of the group. Wolf groups are home to every wolf, and the groups’ business is every wolf’s business.

The implicit cooperation among wolves constitutes the decisive factor for their successes. Whatever they do, wolves always depend on the group to accomplish it.

With surprising patience, wolves won’t feel tired at all after consuming quite a long time for just one goal. Keen observation, concentrated goal, harmonious cooperation, curiosity, detail-awareness, steadfast patience always makes wolves’ successes.

Wolves have a very simple attitude, which is their persistent yearning for successes.

In wolves’ life, nothing can take place of unyielding spirit, which makes them live arduously and painfully. Wolves’ cohesive power, group spirit and training is key to their life. With these abilities, they are rarely threatened by other animals. Wolves’ manipulation of changes ranks them as one of the toughest animals on the earth.

For their survival, wolves always keep a harmonious coexistence with the environment without being involved in senseless disputes and conflicts. They maintain domestic unity and assistance and stress cooperation and harmonious coexistence with the outside world.

Wolves have feelings for those animals who have ever done favors to them, even sacrificing themselves to repay them.

Unity, cooperation, patience, persistence, striving, harmonious coexistence and loyalty makes wolves.








一句话,合作 团结 耐力 执著 拼搏 和谐共生 忠诚 造就了狼。

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