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ros winbox api 应用

Posted by on 星期五, 18 2月, 2011

winbox api 类库:cls_Mikrotik.vb


Dim mk = New Mikrotik("")
Dim strUsername As String, strGrid() As String
If Not mk.Login("admin", "Mikrotik_hhsoft") Then
End If

mk.Send("/ppp/active/print", True)
For Each row In mk.Read()
If InStr(row, "!done") = 0 Then
strGrid = Split(row, "=")
Console.WriteLine(strGrid(4) & vbTab & vbTab & strGrid(12))
End If




Posted by on 星期三, 10 11月, 2010



fucking:  damn

I’m fucking sick of the whole fucking lot of you.

I know your fucking game!

I am fucking interested in that girl.

It tastes so fucking good.

What took you so fucking long?

the fuck:  the hell

What the fuck are you talking about?

Slow fucking/the fuck down!

Go fucking/the fuck ahead!

After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says… W T F….. (wtf == what the fuck!)

A sequence of sentences:

What are you doing?

what the hell are you doing?

what the fuck are you doing?

What are you fucking doing?